It is still surreal that I have a two year old. I never imagined this stage being so much fun. Honestly, I was terrified about Evan turning two. You always expect the worst when you hear other parents' experiences. Right? I know it's only the beginning for me, but so far it's been awesome. Yes Evan throws tantrums and yes he drives me crazy, but I always try to cherish those crazy moments.

He is currently obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I ask myself how it happened so fast. I have no idea but we are really enjoying it. He knows their name and their color. He will occasionally watch TMNT toy reviews on YouTube and will ask to go to Toys R Us to buy one. Haha He is goofy and so much fun. He will do anything to make us laugh. When we take his picture he always makes a silly face. He'll laugh and say "Evan funny." I'll have to upload a video soon because his vocabulary is extremely impressive. I am so glad we are teaching him English and Spanish because hearing him speak and understand both languages makes me a proud mama. We both have learned so much these past twenty six months. I'll hold on to these memories forever. Life with a two year isn't easy, but we wouldn't have it any other way.