Becoming a mom for the first time is such a joy! A little bundle of joy lands into your arms to give you the feelings of motherhood, which you have never experienced before. On the other side, many moms struggle in the initial days of their motherhood due to the sleepless nights and tiring days gifted by their newborn. And between all this, they have no time to look after themselves. Their infant becomes their priority while they start neglecting themselves. Thus, how they end up looking everyday makes them hate themselves.

We want this blessing to remain a blessing, by making women remain satisfied with their looks as mothers. So, we brought a few good advices for new mommies.

1. A fresh look counts.
Your face is the most important part of your appearance. For that you need to make sure that your eyebrows are well-shaped and you are not growing any extra hair on your face. After that, you need to know that which makeup essentials give you that instantly fresh look. For some a face powder, mascara and a lip gloss or tinted balm work wonders. And it doesn’t even take hours. These are the easiest things to work with, but you can go for things like BB cream, which works well for your skin type and skin tone. Keep it simple and fresh.
And yes, your smile really counts. Make sure that you are keeping it white and bright. Teeth whitening strips might help you with it as getting over to the dentist is something you can only dream of now.

2. Well-kept Hairstyles
Get the guts to carry something like a pixie haircut, as it is one of the hairstyles that will work for you even if you haven’t combed your hairs after waking up. Plus, drying away such hairs does not need anytime, even the air can do that for you.
If you think that pixie cut is not your type and is rather a bold choice, then you should better be friends with a dry shampoo, it can definitely be your savior through bad hair days. And you can also go for hairstyles such as messy buns which look really stylish if you carry them right.

3. Tops which suit the body of a mom
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Don’t try to fit into the clothes you used to wear during pregnancy, they will probably won’t fit. After becoming a mother your choices should be large and slouchy shirts. Large shirts need not to be making you look out of shape, like your husband’s shirt. You should instead go for a semi-fitted tops; fitted on top and loose at your belly. They will give a beautiful shape to your upper body. Plus, don’t forget to have some u-shaped and V-shaped necks and off-shoulder tops. These little things can make people attracted to your shoulders rather than your belly. And as for slouchy shirts, they are best for breastfeeding and look amazing with everything from pants to skirts whether tucked in or out.

4. Let your bottoms stay beautiful 

Once you are done with selecting the perfect-fit tops for yourself, you would have started wondering about the bottoms. Well, you have plenty of amazing options like stretchable pants (leggings and jeggings) and skirts with stretchable waistbands. But don’t forget your denim jeans and slouchy pants, which can serve you equally well. Such pants are perfect for your relaxed yet stylish look.
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  5. Do get inspired by Celebrity moms
Celebrities are living inspirations and we should try to follow them where we can enhance our looks. One our most favorite celebrity moms is Kate Middleton. All her looks are unforgettable, and she looked stunning even with that baby bump. I know you don’t have the budget for clothes as her’s. Therefore, I want you to follow the trends that she has set for us. She usually goes for clothes which are in the neutral tones, she also wore some trending coats and she believes in adding hats to her entire look. Hats might seem something royal, but they are just there to make things prettier. Steal this attractive mommy look from Kate Middleton and other mommies from the celeb-world.

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6. Accessorizing your attire to look gorgeous
Accessorizing can do the wonders for you which you can hardly think of. Accessories are a mom’s best friend. With just the addition of a belt at your waist you can look really smart. Meanwhile, getting an all-rounder flannel scarf and wrapping it around your neck is one of the tricks women do for not making their bump appear prominently. And above all, a statement jewelry piece is always there to complete your look. And yes, big trending bags can work well to keep baby’s stuff in them.

7. This trick does work
If you think that it is just one of your bad days and whatever you do, you are not going to look great than this trick is definitely going to work. Dress up your baby so well that everyone remains attracted to his cuteness. Attention divided between two and with your infant getting the most of it, can prevent you from being too conscious about your looks.

8. Confidence
Nothing beats the confidence one possess. Whatever you wear, carry it with the confidence that it is the best possible look you could get today. Confidence has the power to make everything way more attractive. So hit on it.

Following these advices can help you look like a super-stylish mom!

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Thank you Sarah for being a guest blogger this week! I think all mothers can learn from your wonderful advice.