Our weekend was fun and simple. I didn't go crazy planning anything. I just wanted to spend this weekend with family, fireworks, and lots of food. This year was Evan's first year experiencing fireworks. Last year he was too little, so we didn't even bother to watch them. He was so excited to see so many colors in the sky. I posted the sweetest picture of Evan on Instagram while he patiently waited for the fireworks. I'm really looking forward to our next fourth of July, because I am positive he will enjoy this holiday even more. Although I didn't get to capture many of these memories, it will for sure be a very memorable weekend.
 Enjoying most of our day outside was a must this fourth of July. Evan really enjoyed picking apple pears from my parent's fruit trees.
 We ended our weekend with funnel cakes topped with blueberry and strawberry jam. Yum! These were a hit. We had so much to eat this weekend. I am so regretting it today, but it was so worth it.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! xoxo