Most of our days begin like this, outside and looking extra messy. Messy hair, no pants, and wearing house shoes outside. I thought I would share with you guys a short glimpse of what most of our morning looks like. We do our normal to-dos once we wake up, like brush teeth and eat breakfast. Once these kids have some food in their system it's go time. Evan has a serious tan going on from being outside everyday. Our mornings consist of much play/quality time with Miss Bella. We try not to stay out too long because Texas heat is no joke.
I was having such a difficult time bringing Evan back inside, but I've discovered the best tear free method. Once I'm ready to cool off inside I immediately tell him it's time to go inside and wash our hands. He replies with "bubbles?" It works every time.
Hope you're having an awesome week and thank you for stopping by! Xo