Hey y'all! Happy Friday!! I'm keeping my five short and sweet! Xoxo

ONE- My birthday is tomorrow! I turn 24! This month I always look forward to many celebrations including Mother's Day. Mother's Day for Latinos is May 10th(my birthday), but we celebrate both days meaning parties all weekend. I'm so excited to eat cake and stuff my face with food. Mamas this is our weekend. Have fun!!

TWO- I'm in the process of updating my camera. Any suggestions? I just sold my current camera. I'm freaking out because I should have waited until I had a backup. I've done my research and I have a couple in mind. Crossing my fingers that I get one by next week.

THREE- We have spent most of our evenings outside. Evan just loves the idea of running around and picking up sticks. We are taking advantage of the nice weather here in Texas before it gets ridiculously hot. Going inside was becoming a nightmare, but luckily it's getting better. I've tried several suggestions, but the only thing that seems to help is bribery. It might not be the best method, but I'll be sticking with that until I find something else that works.
FOUR. Evan's dad has been dressing him lately and I think it's hilarious. He's all about old t-shirts and basketball short. I have no idea how Evan's style will be in the future, but for now I think I'll stick to picking out his outfits. haha

FIVE- Have you entered my giveaway featuring Veo App? For a chance to win a $25 gift card enter HERE.

Happy Friday Friends! Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful Mamas!!