A year and a half already? Where has the time gone? This baby boy is getting so big. Every month that passes by I can't help but shed a couple tears. I am really missing the newborn days you guys. I love watching my baby grow, but if I could go back for just a day I would. I always wonder how I got so lucky. This kid is my everything, he can drive me crazy at times, but the love I have for him is indescribable. He is totally a control freak.
Growth: Evan is 22.9 lbs. (40th percentile) and 33 in. tall (70th percentile). He is wearing 12-18 months in certain clothes. I have been purchasing 18-24 just so he can wear it longer. We have gone up a size in diapers, he is now wearing a 4. Size 5 or 6 in shoes. 

Favorite Words & Other Milestones: Evan talks more each day. My mom always tells me that I'll never be bored because my little guy can talk up a storm. He loves to play ball so of course all I hear is "catch it","throw it", or "kick it". His cousin Bella calls him "Abby", so he's been calling everyone "Abby" haha. He loves to say no, mama, papa, and ball. Vaca(cow), agua(water), jugo(juice), and yay are words he uses often. He can count from 1-10 in English and Spanish. He loves to sing the alphabet song. He can throw and catch a ball like a pro! haha Dancing and singing have helped so much. We sing about colors, body parts,shapes, letters, and numbers. I speak strictly Spanish and his dad speaks to him in English. He's picked up both languages and it makes me so happy. I'm proud to say I have a bilingual little boy.  
Favorite Foods: He's gotten a little picky. I need to get a little creative and start doing fun and cute plates to catch his attention. However, he still loves tomatoes, strawberries, rice, pasta, and corn.

Favorite Toys/Activities: When he's not outside playing with his ball, he enjoys to play with blocks and his toy cars. He just started getting into cars and it's the cutest thing when he says "broom, broom". He enjoys when I read to him. He loves to draw with crayons and chalk all over the house. I'm in the process of painting one of my walls with chalk board paint, because I'm constantly scrubbing his lovely drawings off our walls. Washing his hands and splashing water all over the place is always fun for him, as well as baths.
Beanie: Little Hip Squeaks(similar) // T-shirt: Nununu // Shorts: c/o Sugarplum Lane // Shoes: Freshly Picked
Least Favorite Activities: He's not a fan of diaper changes but it's gotten easier. He hates having to go inside after having so much fun outside, but he's been cooperating with me. Brushing his teeth really bothered him, but when he's washing his hands and splashing water everywhere I take advantage. I brush his teeth and clean his nose without any tears.

Being a mother is such a rewarding challenge. I literally learn something new everyday. I don't think I will ever stop saying how happy Evan makes me. His intelligence is breathe taking. He's not only smart, he is hilarious. He will randomly do things just to make us laugh. I am currently one joyful mama bear.

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