Having a baby completely changes your life. It's so funny thinking back to when I would make comments saying I would never let go of myself after having my baby. That I would make sure I always looked cute and I wouldn't stop wearing heels. HA! Clearly I had no idea what was in store. Isn't is crazy how so many little things change? Here are five signs you're a mom. 
[ONE] You don't have time to comb your hair. Which leaves you no other option but to rock that mom bun all day everyday. 

[TWO] Checking out at the grocery store is a nightmare, because finding your wallet is impossible. You give the cashier a very interesting "what's in my purse?", digging through those endless toys/baby items. 

[THREE] You catch yourself singing your kid's music in the shower, and know all about their favorite TV/movie characters.

[FOUR] You've created a new language. Full of baby talk, animal sounds, and weird noises to please/communicate with your baby. 

[FIVE] You only have ONE strong arm, because you're constantly holding your babe on one side more than the other.

So funny and so true! Regardless of the changes I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I was a guest blogger over at Love, Joleen. I am sharing my three wardrobe essentials for baby. It will mean so much if you guys check it out!! Thanks!!