Like most Fridays I am linking up with Darci, Liz, and all the other lovely hosts. This week went by so fast. Dad goes back to work tomorrow. We really enjoyed having him around. Let's hope he has the weekend off to continue our family quality time. We had so much going on this week it was hard to pick five favorites. 
Here are our five!

[ONE] Vacation-
 We took a spontaneous road trip last week and it was amazing! I had so much fun. We made so many amazing memories, and I can't wait to share with you guys. I'll have a post coming up with our vacation recap so  I will save my rambling for that. I hope you stick around to check it out. 


[TWO] I LOVE giveaways-
I WON my first Instagram giveaway!!! I'm still shocked. Two small businesses that I am totally obsessed with  hosted a giveaway two weeks ago. I entered thinking I would never win, boy was I wrong. I received my items this week. I can't wait to incorporate these beautiful items in Evan's room. I'll post pictures once Evan's room is complete. Meanwhile, check out Gingiber and Little Hip Squeaks, you will fall in love with everything!!!!!


[THREE] New hair-
I am in need of a new hair do. Spring is here, and it's time for change. I am unsure if I want to change the color, but I know I need a hair cut. I am so over my mommy bun.  I've been browsing the web for ideas and I've come down to two options. What do you think? 


[FOUR] Little Hip Squeaks-
I just purchased this beanie from Little Hip Squeaks. I am obsessed with the blanket that I had to purchase the matching beanie. My next purchase will be the  Onyx Argon Leggings. I just want their entire Spring/Summer collection. Love it! 


[FIVE] Shopping-
I have done some shopping. A lot of what I have purchased isn't pictured. I figured I would just snap a shot to give you an idea of what I've bought. We purchased new clothes for our trip, and I needed a few skin products because my skin has been acting up. Evan finally has a pair of shoes that are not moccasins haha, and I found a book in Spanish. I have had a hard time finding books in Spanish for some reason. When I saw this one I had to buy it. I don't want to go crazy shopping, but it was so nice to finally splurge on a few items. 


Happy weekend friends! xoxoxo