I can't believe my guy is almost a year and a half. I could cry, but every day is a new adventure and I love spending every day with Evan. Some mornings I might complain a bit(my guy has been waking up at 7A.M.), but once I drink my cup of coffee I literally reload. We have been taking our blankets to the living room and cuddling every morning. I get to lay down for another thirty minutes before Evan begins his daily activities. He has so much energy all day everyday. It a bit exhausting, but it sure is worth it. At the end of  the day, I can't help but thank the Lord for my blessings.
GROWTH: Not much has changed. We won't  have another check up until May. He is still 22 pounds and 31 inches tall.

CURRENT WORDS AND OTHER MILESTONES: He repeats EVERYTHING. I accidentally said "oh shit" the other day and guess who said it too? Yupp Evan, and now he keeps saying a word very similar to that nasty word. Oh my, I've learned my lesson. "Catch it'", "ball", "mama", "papa", "jugo"(juice), "agua"(water), and "baby" are words he uses on a daily basis. His aunt taught him a word in Arabic that he will randomly blurts out. He recently learned where to correctly place the circle, triangle, and square. He can identify the color red and can count to two in Spanish. I am in awe with this guy.

TEETH AND SLEEP: He has twelve teeth and his canine are finally in sight. I feel like he has been teething for a while. I'm assuming because it is his canine teeth?. His sleep hasn't been great. I'm blaming it on his teething or his dads loud snores. I've been drinking a bit more coffee this month, because my kid is a early bird. He will never sleep past 8A.M. My alarm clock is a 16 month old trying to stick his finger in my mouth or nose! haha
FAVORITE FOOD: I can't complain about Evan's appetite. He is willing to try anything and he'll eat all of it. Lately he's had a thing for tomatoes. He wants to grab the whole thing and munch on it. Obviously I slice it up for him and try to avoid the mess. He can eat broccoli and green beans every day, and he love fruit. Strawberries are by far his favorite. Beans and lentils will always make the cut and he loves chicken with mashed potatoes. Now that Evan is eating more I need to get my cooking on. I'm the worst cook, but slowly learning. Blogs with recipes are currently my go to when I'm trying to cook something up. If you know of any good blogs with amazing recipes please share!

FAVORITE TOYS/ACTIVITIES: Being outside! He loves the outdoors and he loves yelling at our two shih-tzus. He tries to snap his little fingers and screams away. Anything challenging keeps him occupied and he seems to enjoy it. We can not go a day without reading. I think we have every story memorized. He also loves his legos and farm animals. I need to purchase more books and puzzles for Mr. Smarty pants. I've heard amazon has great educational toys.
LEAST FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: These haven't really changed. Diaper changes have been a hustle. He refuses to wear a diaper and we have had a couple accidents. The cleaning part was my least favorite. haha He's had a stuffy nose and when I try to clean his it he cries bloody murder. He is not a happy baby when we have to go inside and his least favorite when I tell him no boob. Eventually I give in and nurse him. This weaning process is hard I haven't made any progress, but for the moment it's okay.

EXTRA COMMENTS: Evan my dear, you have been a tough one this month, but I wouldn't trade these precious moments. I don't think I will ever stop sharing how amazing you are. Our conversations are the highlight of my day(even though I have no idea what you are saying half of the time). You have killer dance moves and you can talk my friend. I recorded you the other day talking on the phone for over ten minutes. Your can throw and catch the ball better than me and your kisses are the sweetest. I love you baby.