YAY, it's FRIDAY!!! Let's get this party started... Here are our five!! 

[ONE] Lazy:
You guys, Evan and I have been sooo lazy!!! We have been at my parents house all week, and we don't want to do anything. I've been in my pjs all week with my hair up in my messy mommy bun. I'm so ready for the weekend. 

[TWO] Catching up on my music:
After having Evan, I have been living under a rock. I have no idea what kind of music is in, or who has a new song out. I've been listening to baby music for over a year. I'm putting a stop to it, and finally listening to some Beyoncé. Haha I heart radio is currently my best friend. We jam out every night. 

[THREE] Honest Company: 
Evan developed a rash on my tummy about two months ago. I was terrified, but luckily Evan's pediatrician informed me that it more than likely an allergic reaction to scented products. Evan's skin is extremely sensitive. Since I've cut all scented products, Evan's skin has cleared up. This week I ordered a couple of Honest products. I've heard nothing but positive reviews, so I am psyched to give them a try. 

[FOUR] Motivation:
There are days that finding some kind of motivation is extremely hard. This week I have put an old picture as my background on my phone to give me a boost of energy. Just a constant reminder of how I can look if I don't drink a soda. Haha 

[FIVE] Spring:
Is Spring here yet? I am so ready! This image pretty much sums up Spring for me. I love, love color! I will be welcoming Spring with open arms. 

Found via Pinterest 

Thanks Darci, Liz, and all the other lovely hosts for this link-up. Enjoy your weekend!!! Xoxoxoxo