TGIF! I'm ready for some family quality time. The weather has been gorgeous and we will be taking advantage. We don't have anything planned except a nice trip to the park. I hope you had a great week, here are our five! 

[ONE] Camo Moccs: 
Freshly Picked does it again. I almost had a mini heart attack when I saw these. I am in awe with these babies. Camo all day everyday! Unfortunately they are sold out, but they will be available next week. 

[TWO] Never Grow Up:
During my free time I am constantly writing or doodling in my journal. I am in the process of redecorating Evan's room, and I created this special print to hang by his reading area. The perfect quote to remind Evan to never grow up. I have seen a few prints with this same quote, and I'm never a huge fan of the font. I figured I would just create my own. Now, I am on a hunt for the perfect frame.
[THREE] Mini Rodini:
I am obsessed with Mini Rodini's Spring/Summer line. The giraffe print is by far my favorite. I'm sure I'll be purchasing a couple items once the boyfriend gives me the "ok" to shop again. Haha

[FOUR] Crown search:
I have been on a hunt for a knitted crown for a while now and so far no luck. I originally wanted the Wild Things crown by Oeuf. Unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. I found a similar one on etsy, if I can't find an alternative I'll have to go with this one. Isn't it adorable??  

[FIVE] Big Boots:
These boots are one size too big for Evan and he still insists on wearing them. He will scream like a crazy person until I put them on him. I can't help but laugh, he is so adorable! 

Enjoy your weekend!! Thank you DarciLiz, and all the other hosts for this link-up. Xoxo