Today I have the most fabulous Mom and Daughter duo guest blogging. The moment I followed Ashley's blog I fell in love with their style. She is sharing with us her fashion tips and tricks. Thank you Ashley for putting this amazing post together. 

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Hi everyone, I am Ashley from Words About Waverly.
I am a Fashion Marketing teacher who loves fashion, design & any type of celebration!  My husband & I live in Virginia Beach, VA, the same place we met fifteen years ago in math class.  We have a 17-month old daughter, Waverly Maye, who is the absolute love & center of our lives.

I was super excited when Nessa asked me to guest post.  I just recently started following her blog, but just love reading updates on her sweet family & especially her little man, Evan.  He is just too cute for words & if we ever have a little boy one day, I'm convinced I would dress him very similar to how she dresses Evan.  Baby boy has got some style, & we all know that means his fab mama does, too. :)  

Nessa asked me to talk about mom & daughter fashion, which if you know me, is totally my passion!  Many people say that when you become a mom you lose your sense of fashion & that definitely didn't happen for me (although I'm pretty sure my husband & my wallet wish it had!).  While my style has definitely changed, I still love to dress up, to feel good, & to keep up with the latest trends.  Only now, it's my best accessory who always steals the show. ;)

I confess, many days of the week Waverly Maye & I are coordinating in some way.  I'm not always proud of it & my husband officially thinks I have lost my mind, but I cannot help myself!  I just love matching my mini at least in some way ... even if that is just with a similar color palette, piece of clothing, or a certain print.


It really is so easy for us to have a cohesive look because really, our closets look very similar.  I have found that when it comes to Waverly's wardrobe, I tend to stick with looks that are "mini" versions of things that I would wear.  Classic, feminine & mostly neutral pieces with a trendy twist ... looks that you can wear over & over but that can be dressed up or down & given an unexpected update really easily!
I have rounded up some of our go-to items, the must-haves that we couldn't (or wouldn't want to!) live without!:

1: Sam Edelman Booties, 2: Denim Dress, 3: Faux Leather Jacket, 4: Next Peplum Top, 5: Denim Playsuit, 6: Braided Leather Boots, 7: , 8: Textured Cable Knit Cardigan
All of these items are either from Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, Next or Gap ... all of which I would classify as our very favorite places to shop!  You really don't have to spend a fortune to look fashionable, & that is obviously more important than ever when it comes to these sweet little ones who are growing by the minute. I'm just hoping that as Waverly does, she doesn't move into the I am dressing myself in whatever I want phase.  I clearly am not even a little bit ready for that one. I am loving this (& her!) way too much!! 

Thanks again to Nessa for having me & for sharing my passion for fashion, for both us & our littles!  We hope everyone is having the BEST 2014 so far, I would love for you to stop by the blog & follow along! :)