1. Ray-Ban eyeglasses ($180) It's about that time of year to make a trip to the eye doctor. Honestly, I despise wearing glasses unless I find a cute pair. I absolutely love these! 
2. Polka Dot Journal ($16) Before Evan I always had a journal, and I would doodle and write on my free time. I think it's time I purchase a journal and doodle away. 
3. Converse ($40) I need a new pair of converse. These are so mommy friendly. I refuse to wear tennis shoes,(unless I'm working out) but converse I will always wear. 
4. Toy Box ($70) Evan has accumulated so many toys and they are everywhere. It's time to invest on a cute toy box. 
5. Boots ($42) I've always wanted to purchase a pair of boots for Evan. I think these are so adorable!
6. Pillow ($18) I am a huge lover of Peter Pan. When I saw this pillow I knew I had to purchase it for Evan. I can't get over how cute it is.