Happy Friday!! This is my first time taking part in this creative link up hosted by A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog. We had a very boring week. We are still trying to recover from the holidays. The past few days we have stayed in and avoided the crazy weather. We have only made important runs like grocery shopping and visiting my sister. I only took pictures with my phone so I will apologize in advance for the horrible pictures. Here are our FIRST five weekly favorites!

We have bought Evan so many sippy cups and he hates them all except for these that we recently purchased. I just grabbed them because they were super cheap. I figured he would just toss them and I was so wrong. I'm hoping to start the weaning process soon, and having these sippy cups make me feel a little bit more confident about the whole process.
[TWO] Home Decor Inspiration- 
We moved into our new place a couple of months ago. We have all of our furniture, but my place looks plain. This year I plan on doing DIY projects for the home and taking a few trips to Ikea. I don't know what I would do without Pinterest. I feel so inspired every single time I'm on there. I'm obsessed!! Leave your Pinterest down below... I love following new people on there! 
[THREE] Reading away-
We have been reading so much more to Evan. He loves it when we read to him. My sister gave Evan my favorite book for Christmas[Peter Pan], and we have been reading it before bedtime every night. We do believe in fairies! ;) 
[FOUR] Comfy booties-
I got these for Christmas and I love love them! They are so comfy and I wear them with everything.  
[FIVE] Black nails don't care-
I finally painted my nails. It's been so long. I would always get my nails done before Evan, and this year I plan on getting them done more often. Maybe not all the time, but I will treat myself to a mani/pedi from time to time. 
Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo