1. Hunter 'Kid's First' Rain Boot- These are perfect for those bad weather days. Now that Evan is walking these would be perfect, and he wouldn't ruin any of his other shoes. [$50]
2. Baby Infinity Scarf- How adorable is this scarf?! I am just in love. All of the scarfs I come across are way too girly, but the plaid and colors on this one make it a must have for my guy. [$15] 
3. Knitted Hat- You can never go wrong with gifting a hat. This one is just the perfect neautral color to go with everything. [$17]
4. Plan Toy Geometric Sorting Board- Evan really enjoys stacking blocks and sorting shapes with other toys, and I think he would really enjoy this. Every day I sit down and play with him to help him learn his shapes and colors. I figure the earlier I start the better. [$18]
5. Man Cub Shirt- Every little boy needs this shirt. I have seen this tee featured all over the web. We need one! You have to check out all of her product. You'll love it! [$34]
6. Harem Pants- These are by far the cutest pants I have seen. They look so comfy and the fabric is so rad! It was so hard just choosing one product from this shops. I love it all! [$29] 
7. 50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups- I follow a mom on Instagram that taught her son how to sort colors by 18 months. I really want to purchase this for Evan and see how he likes it. Any toy that involves stacking or sorting keeps my son entertained. I'm anxious to give this a try. [$8]