This week on my blog we have my niece Rachel. She is getting ready to go back to school, and she picked out two affordable outfits. Both outfit are casual and cute, perfect for a 10 year old. Rachel's favorite subject is math, and her favorite sport is soccer. She loves to shop at target. Her favorite brand is Gap, Cherokee, and Total Girl. She loves to play the violin or spend time with her family on her free time. 
Her favorite season is Fall. She loves the color purple. She enjoys to eat orange chicken and for dessert sour patch kids. 
 Romper: Gap // Sandals: Payless // Necklace: Forever 21
The Hunger Games is her favorite movie. If she could have a super power she would want to tell the future, because she would want to warn her family if anything bad happened to protect them. 
Dress: Gap // Sandals: Payless // Necklace: Forever 21