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Hi!! Hope you had a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year. I took a little break to enjoy the holidays with my family, and today I'm catching up on my favorite blogs. I am so sad that Christmas is over and I have to take down all my Christmas decor. I might keep them up a little longer. I am really excited to see what this new year will bring. 2015 was not the best for me emotionally and I really hope to make an effort to turn that around this year. I've made a few resolutions that I hope will help me be a better and happier person in 2016. I found this cute printable on pinterest, that I haven't had a chance to print it out, but once I do I will hang on my fridge as a daily reminder of what I hope to accomplish this year.

This Year... 2016
I resolve to
1. Start- being more organized
2. Plan- a daily schedule, meals, activities and blog post
3. Have- more family time without electronics
4. Build- a stronger social network
5. Write- more often on my blog
6. Read- more to Evan
7. Make- a family picture album/scrapbook
8. Do- more things for myself
9. Give- to those in need
10. Visit- a place I've never been to
11. Learn- to be brave & take chances.. Learn to be a happier person
12. Eat- healthier, duh!

and be grateful for each new day.